Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your halters strong enough to handle stallions with?

Yes. All of our halters are crafted over a strength tested Kevlar-type base. They have been in show rings worldwide and we've never had a halter break under normal use.

Is your tack show ring legal?

Yes. Any Arabian Fancy halter can be made to be show ring legal. All that is needed is the addition of a throat latch, available at no charge upon request. (A standard show lead is required with all halters, which is not included. Ring size available upon request as sharkstooth chain halters can have various sizes of rings.)

What is the normal turnaround time for orders?

Please allow a minimum of a 2-week turnaround period for custom orders. If you are placing an order for a large show (i.e. US Nationals, World Cup, Egyptian Event, etc), please order at least one month ahead of time.

What does shipping cost within the US?

Regular shipping starts at $15 USD via USPS. Please contact me for expedited shipping costs.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. Please allow 2 weeks for Express shipping outside of the US. The normal rate for Express shipping with a tracking number for a single halter is roughly $45 USD via USPS, depending on rates specific to your country.

Do you create custom orders?

Yes! That is my favorite thing to do! I love working with you to design your dream set. The sky is the limit. Let's create something!

What size are your halters and breast pieces?

Custom sizing is standard on all orders. I create each piece with measurements you give me.

Can I provide beads, gemstones, etc. for my custom order?

Yes, as long as they have drilled holes for sewing and are well made.

Do you rent pieces?

Yes, through selected photographers. Please contact me for more details.